Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

Vision Statement

An affiliation of Sustainable Kingdom Churches living out the teachings of Jesus Christ as faithful disciples.

Missions Statement

Equip an affiliation of Sustainable Kingdom Churches through active discipleship, compelling theology, leadership training, educational resources, mutual accountability, and fellowship.

Purpose Statement

Equip an affiliation of Sustainable Kingdom Churches to bring Christ glory through being and making faithful disciples of all nations.

Core Values


We commit to living a life that is centered on Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. He is the priority and the purpose of everything we do. We follow His example and obey His commands. We trust Him in every situation and seek His will above our own. We glorify Him with our words and actions, and we share His gospel with the world. A Christ centered life is surrendered to Him and transformed by Him.


We commit to treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and share a bond of love, respect, and support. We care for each other’s needs, joys and sorrows, and bear each other’s burdens. We seek to encourage, edify, and correct each other in love, growing together in faith and character. Brotherhood means that we are not just individuals, but members of one family in Christ.


We value Jesus’ example of discipleship as a model for ADC in preparing pastors, missionaries, families and youth to serve in the Kingdom. We are being disciples and making disciples. We are committed to creating and modeling systematic discipleship methods, opening the way for a multi-generational path forward in faith and spiritual growth.


We value voluntary accountability between our group of churches taking responsibility for our actions and decisions being ready to explain them when asked. It means that we do not blame others or make excuses for our mistakes but learn from them and make corrections. It means that we follow through on our commitments and promises to deliver on our expectations.

Transformative Faith

We value a transformative faith that guides congregations from law to truth. We are equipping our people with a faith proposition rooted in biblical principles to guide us through secular culture. Through transformed living we discover the meaning of truth-based freedom. We are reflecting God’s glory and love to others through transformed living.