January 27-28, 2023

ADC Business Session

Friday 9:00-11:30. Everyone is welcome, 
Participating Churches are asked to attend if possible

2023 ADC Annual Assembly
Friday 2:00 to 8:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh

1111 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231
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Please register as soon as possible so
that we have your information for meals.

2023 ADC Annual Assembly Program

Friday, January 27, 2023

2:00 PM
Welcome – Lonnie Beachy
Songs – Jonathon Hochstetler
Introduction and inspiration – Lonnie Beachy

2:30 PM
Gospel Relevancy – Dean Taylor
We recognize that our current social problems are not new; they are sinful humanity’s problems that have plagued the kingdoms of this world throughout history. We are in a time in history when these problems are being answered by secularization in our culture. Throughout history the gospel has been and still is the answer for these problems. And we are the custodian of the gospel in our communities. This program is to learn how these age-old problems present in our times, and how we can bring the gospel remedy.

3:15 PM
Break and Fellowship

4:15 PM
Gender Dysphoria – John Coblentz

We recognize that our culture is confused regarding sexuality. What is GD? Why is the culture’s answer to GD not the gospel answer? In contrast to the culture’s answer to sexual dysfunction, what is the gospel way?

4:15 PM
Ladies Session: Biblical Womanhood in an Age of Confusion – Tania Taylor

Distinctively different but equal. Our culture has moved past feminism to confusion in the area of gender roles and identity. The Bible has answers for us as we seek to fulfill our calling as Christian women.

5:00 PM
Dinner and fellowship

7:00 PM
Moderator – Mark Miller
Songs – Jonathon Hochstetler

7:15 PM
Kingdom Theology or Christian Nationalism – Shannon Martin
America has lost its moorings in the JudeoChristian values it was founded on. Is a Kingdom Christian emphasis instead of Christian Nationalism a “do nothing” cop-out? How can we develop a counter-cultural community of considerable strength that brings the transformative Gospel to our communities instead of looking to political answers?

8:00 PM
Snacks and informal fellowship

Saturday, January 28, 2023

9:00 AM
Moderator – Paul A. Miller
Songs – Jonathon Hochstetler

9:30 AM
Liberation Theology – Leighton Yoder
What is LT? Why is LT not the gospel answer? In contrast to the LT’s answer to relationship dysfunction, what is the gospel way?

10:15 AM

11:00 AM
Call to Action – Dean Taylor

We recognize that all these problems are real in our society and among our people. What are ways that our churches can bring lifegiving change through the gospel in our communities?

Dismissal and lunch