Affiliation Agreement

Affiliation Agreement


July 14, 2016, Walnut Creek, OH

As duly ordained Anabaptist ministers of the Gospel, we hereby establish this affiliation of Conservative Anabaptist churches seeking likeminded fellowship, instruction, and accountability in church administration and congregational life in the Biblical pattern of the Apostolic church, and to passionately follow Jesus Christ in every generation.

We herein outline our: • Purpose • Function • Faith Proposition • Participation Agreement


The purpose of this affiliation is to provide:
  • Congregational accountability with likeminded churches
  • Congregational autonomy in church administration
  • Inter-congregational assistance with church work
  • Development of para church missions and service organizations
  • Pastoral fellowship
  • Pastoral training in theology, and expository preaching and teaching


The function of this affiliation is to administrate a network of autonomous congregations subscribing to a common Statement of Beliefs. ADC is not a governing body, but a planning organization, to provide:
  • Planning and administration of annual assemblies for pastoral fellowship
  • Pastoral networking for counsel and resources in local church leadership and administration
  • Inter-congregational collaboration in evangelization and missions
  • Pastoral training resources and events

Faith Proposition

Affiliated congregations are committed to a faith proposition that includes:
  • A Biblical theology as defined by the ADC Statement of Beliefs
  • A principle based, discipleship model of congregational life
  • Congregational autonomy in church administration
  • A Conservative Anabaptist world view expressed by a lifestyle based on the Sermon on the Mount for all who enter into the Kingdom of Christ, living counter-culturally to engage the secular culture in the kingdom of this world
  • Equal emphasis on the two great calls of the church to make disciples by evangelizing unbelievers, and by nurturing believers
  • Two offices for local church governance, which include bishops/elders/pastors, and deacons for benevolence ministries, also utilizing spiritually gifted lay brethren in congregational life
  • Apologetic defense of Biblical faith

Participation Commitment

Affiliation requires:
  • Voluntary participation by congregation, ratified by church vote
  • Agreement with ADC’s purpose, function, and faith proposition
  • Agreement with ADC’s Statement of Beliefs
  • Participation in ADC’s annual assemblies for pastoral fellowship and congregational accountability
  • Providing mutual aid and support to ADC affiliated congregations
  • Providing voluntary financial support for ADC operating expenses
  • Voluntary withdrawal by congregations out of alignment with ADC’s Affiliation Agreement and Statement of Beliefs
  • Contact the Planning Committee for an ADC Membership Participation Commitment form